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Today, all of us are earnestly engaging on the web. Whether it's my kiddies scrolling through social media, my spouse video communicating with her friends and internet shopping, or me checking my mails, we're all about minding the apparatus in front of us to keep our lives moving forward.

What many people don't realize is that there are technologies that we can execute in to our everyday on the web patterns which won't only help us reach our digital tasks more efficiently but protect our privacy too. If there's a way I could navigate the internet more fast and safely than previously, I'm here because of it!

Tools Everyone Can Use

There certainly are a lot of easy-to-use and free technologies out there which could benefit you personally -- you just need to know exactly what they have been ! Having said that, let's explore cool technologies which very few people can know about, and this could favorably impact your internet life.

Safe Browsing Solutions

The internet is a huge sea of material, both positive and negative. And we are all navigating that sea to master, work, and socialize on the web. But when you are attempting to browse as efficiently as possible, it can be hard to tell the safe sites from the suspicious ones. That is where a security solution such as McAfee WebAdvisor will come in to play.

McAfee WebAdvisor will help keep you safe from online threats including malware and phishing attempts while you surf the web. For instance, the tool places a check mark next to all the safe links, making security decisions far easier for the regular online user, like my partner once she's on the mission to search online. And it is free too!

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The average online surfer like all of us should consider utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN), since it essentially allows you to send and receive data over a public network as though it were an exclusive network. A VPN encrypts -- or scrambles -- your information so the others can't read it, helping to protect your computer data. VPNs are particularly handy for when you're working remote or if you'd like full use of the internet as you're traveling, or in the event you simply need to protect your privacy. McAfee Safe Link is really a great and reasonably priced option (with a small free version available too) for users who are interested in a solution which isn't only easy to execute, but one which also provides bank-grade security and browsing to safeguard most internet activities.

Password Managers

Discussing of passwords, just another way to readily secure your internet accounts would be by using a password manager. A password manager is able to help you create strong passwordsremove the bother of remembering multiple passwords, and then log you on to websites automatically. Who says staying secure has to be complicated?

Since many password managers are free, its important users perform their search and embrace password managers from companies they trust. Still another alternative? Some password managers additionally come included in a complete security solution, like McAfee® Total Protection.

Robocall Blocking Apps

At one point or another, you've probably undergone a mysterious phone call from an"Unknown Caller." If you've ever bothered to pick up one of these calls, you've likely heard that a strange, robotic voice on the other ending claiming to be from the particular company or requesting to do it. Whether the call itself is only annoying or is from a criminal seeking to scam consumers outside of cash or advice, one thing is certain robo-calls are a enormous annoyance.

Unfortunately, these pesky mobile calls have shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, it was recently reported that robocall scams surged to 85 million globally, up 325% from 2017. Fortunately there are several robo call blocking programs and tools users could adopt to prevent phone spam.

Multi-Factor Authentication

If you see my previous site, you understand that many of the common password habits which people utilize can cause multiple security concerns. That said, passwords are just the very first line of defense when it comes to securing online accounts -- what exactly happens if a hacker makes it during that security obstacle? Enter two-factor or even multi-factor authentication.

Nowadays, most of us have heard about two-factor authentication. To put it simply, the technician utilizes two checkpoints to verify the user's identity. These could be answers to security questions, a one time password texted to a smartphone, a fingerprint scan, or facial recognition. While two-factor authentication can be an excellent starting place, there's also multi-factor authentication -- which, as it sounds, means a user needs to address several kinds of proof points before gaining access to a merchant accounts or device. Actually, multi-factor authentication is becoming increasingly more instinctive thanks to artificial intelligence, because it can choose a combination of authentication factors centered on a user's risk profile and customs.

This tech is simple to integrate into your life, because it's often a simple add on to a lot of those items we own. For example, it is possible to trigger face-ID in your i-OS phone or fingerprint on your own Android phone and flourish, you've got two-factor authentication!

Programs for Current McAfee Subscribers

If that's the case, there might be some trendy tools within these solutions that you're not taking advantage of this will help boost your security boost your online experience. The more you understand, right?

As an instance, if you are a recent McAfee LiveSafe contributor, then you have use of McAfee's secure VPN along with mc-afee File Lock. If you're now subscribed to McAfee Total Protection, you've got access to a whole host of security tools including a password manager and VPN. Additionally, McAfee Total Protection gives you access to McAfee Identity Theft Protection, which is an excellent tool for tracking fraud. Finally, in the event that you're searching to delete any sensitive documents, then you can use McAfee® Shredder™ to completely ensure that no traces are left . By utilizing the complete variety of these tools, current McAfee subscribers will take their security to the next level and also surf the internet without missing a beat.

Cool Tech, Stronger Security

By making use of these complimentary, existing, and more readily accessible tools, you are able to improve every facet of your internet life -- if meaning societal interactions, online shopping, or sending mails -- and maintain your information secure. You're able to have fun on the web and readily integrate security to your daily that, in my opinion, is really a win win.

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