Google Redesigns Its Photo Apps to Help You Find Your Favorite Memories Easily

Now, managing your photos with Google Photos will become an easy task. For several years, Google Photos was one of the leading apps for storing and organizing the images, and people have used this app for several years. But now, Google has launched the updated Google Photos app that will make it extremely easy to manage and store the images without any issue. 

A statement released by Google stated that people have been using their app over the years when they see any old photo saved in Google Photos, they feel nostalgic. Now, Google Photos has become more than an app to store images. Soon, it will become the house of lots of memories that you have stored in the Google Photos. 

Google has updated its application to improve the user experience. They have simplified their app by adding a three-tab structure in the app. The three tabs separate the photos, search, and library part. The photos part has all the images and videos that you have received or shot from your phone. The search section is for searching the image by place or name. There is an interactive map view that shows where that particular photo has taken if it carries the original information. The third part is a library that contains essential elements of your phone like albums, Trash, Favorites, and Archive. 

The map part of the app will filter the photos according to the place where photos are taken. The new layout of the app might help you to find your memories by the place, face, or time. For example, if you want to find the photos from your vacation to the Yosemite, then you can search the location on the search bar and then tap on the enter option. There you find all the images that have been taken at that specific place. 

Besides this, Google also updated the memories feature, which allows you to find your photos with more filters. The latest update has added more types of memories in the app, like photos of you, pictures of a specific person, or yourself. You can also get the trip highlights in the memory section. Now the app also allows you to hide some people for a specific period in pop-ups in the Google Photo App. You can also choose the memories that you want to see.

Reports confirm that the features will be part of the latest version of the Google Photos on all the Android smartphones. Possibly, Google Photos might take a longer time to update your app. So, wait for the update. Some users are already using this feature, but most Android users are unaware of this update. 

After updating the app, they also updated the icon of the app. Now the new icon resembles the pinwheel, which is inspired by childhood. 

How To Sort Recent Uploaded Images?

After opening the recently updated app, just tap on the search option, there you will find the “Recently Added” option just under the section of the “Your Activity.” By tapping there, you will find all the recently uploaded photos to manage them accordingly.


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